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Art in the Time of Crisis


2nd International Artists Gathering 2017 in Fez, Marocco


What is the function of art in a time of crisis? Can art and social responsibilities be combined together to create new forms of expression and policies?
How is art being used to address the current crises in our world today?
Art is a bridge connecting various perspectives to create a diverse society. In addition, art itself is a process shaped by issues such as globalisation, politics, culture, religion and extremism as well as the individual perspectives and viewpoints of the artists themselves. The end result is a combination of all these different pieces into one single work of art, each with a unique perspective on current events, the challenges we face, and the world we live in.
Perhaps one of the most pressing challenges that we face today is the issue of refugees.
We believe that art can help us face the problems that arise out of these various political, religious, and economic crises. By bringing an international group of artists together here in Fez on 7-10 January 2017, we will create a forum for sharing art, encourage crosscollaboration across geographical borders, and discussing positions on the role of art in the time of crisis.

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