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Weg ins Licht

In 1984 Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein began work on the cycle of images called »Weg ins Licht« (Way into the Light) for Hamburg´s main church Sankt Katharinen. It was to be the first project of Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holsteins which involved space. It took two years until 1986 to create 24 horizontal tableaux and 12 rosettes for the clerestory of the nave where former blind windows would now once again reflect the original path of the light and direct the gaze upwards. As a permanent loan, the installation »Weg ins Licht« has since become an integral part of this gothic church until the restoration of the church in  2012.

Du sollst nicht töten

Between 1989 and 1992 and parallel to the music the Polish composer Augustyn Bloch was writing she would create a meditation on the Holy Cross consisting of 12 gold, black and blue crosses measuring three by four meters each. The requiem was entitled »Du sollst nicht töten« (Thou Shalt Not Kill). As a composition of music and images, it premiered in 1992 in the Church of Sankt Petri, Lübeck under the auspices of the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival.



In 1993 Augustyn  Bloch was composing »Empor« (Upwards) while simultaneously, in Hamburg a triptych measuring 24 x 7 meters was painted, just about large enough to provide the backdrop for a seated orchestra. »Empor« premiered during the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival in the Deutsche Haus in Flensburg, performed by the Artur Rubinstein Philharmonie.
Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein explains: »The way I hear music is in color while for Augustyn, colors have their own sound.«

A Prayer for Gdansk


The cyclus of 24 oilpaintings (each 400x100cm) was produced together with the Oratorium Gedanensis by Augustyn Bloch for the 1000th anniversary of Gdansk


Both premiered 27th September 1997 at Marienchurch Gdansk.

CD: Augustyn Bloch Oratorium Gedanese,

Proviva 4020771045907 Vertrieb Deutsche Austrophon GmbH, Diepholz

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