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Hospital zum Heiligen Geist


Altar, Altarpiece and Cross for the Hospital to the Holy Ghost, Hamburg was created and inaugurated May 23rd 1999.

Chapel of Sa Barrala​

The interior design of the Chapel of Sa Barrala, Majorca Island, Spain, was designed in 2002

For a song and 100 songs

On the occasion of the meeting at her Studio on 17.September 2010, Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein was inspired to paint the series of paintings For a song and 100 songs while Liao Yiwu was playing the flute.

These paintings are now part of the collection of the

Salsali Private Museum Dubai, UAE.

Talking Water

On May 12th 2012 Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein and Rudolf zur Lippe met the japanese poet Tanikawa Shuntaro and swiss poet Jürg Halter at Werkstattgalerie for their Berlin presentation of the Renshipoem "Sprechendes Wasser" published at Secessions Verlag Zürich.

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